Adult Speaking, Week 1

ESL adult conversation class

Hour 1 

5 x 5 Warm Up (20)

5 x 5 Grid – meet classmates 

Syllabus and Resources (10)

Class plan

Online Resources  

Pair Work Q&A (20)

ESL conversation questions to practice English speaking (25 min)

Hour 2

Pair Work Vocabulary (15)

Pair work vocabulary. Learn the words for everyday objects. (15)

Do boxes A-1 and A-2.

Sound and Sort (15)

This is a sorting puzzle that requires students to discover how 30 words can be divided into three groups based on sounds. Then they must put the words into the correct groups.

Here is List A of words for the activity.

Hour 3

Vocabulary text (45)

Hour 4

Activity: Odd One Out (15)

Explain the game and rules. Be sure to notice use language that is logical, precise and accurate. Feel free to be creative.

Play the game in pairs. 

What’s the difference? (10)

Look at the pairs of words on this worksheet.

The words look similar but there are significant differences.

Explain differences.

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