Adult Speaking, Week 10

How is the horse like a train?

Hour 1

Pair work (15)

This pair work activity is about making comparisons.

  1. Think about one thing.
  2. Now compare and/or contrast it with another thing.
  3. Think of two or three reasons why they are similar.

Here is one example:

Life is like a box of chocolates. They both can be sweet and bitter. And you never really know what you are going to get.

  1. Life and riding a bicycle.
  2. TV and soju.
  3. Books and walnuts.
  4. The universe and a safe.
  5. Love and chocolate.
  6. A lovesick heart and a glass.
  7. Happiness and a butterfly.
  8. High school and prison.
  9. A beautiful person and a summer day
  10. you think of 2 more examples

Red and Black Game (15)

It’s a card game. Or is it?

Here are the game rules.

Race to put the puzzle together (10)

One person 2 and 2 people put it together. Only listening. can’t read.

Here is the worksheet.

Hour 2

Dictogloss (20)

Do a dictogloss exercise.

Review Causative Verbs (15)

Teacher review slides. Students participate and complete practice exercise at end.

Speaking Drill (30)

Think about 4 causative verbs: let, make, get, have. 

Complete the exercise and finish with a wrap up – a few examples from students.

Hour 3

Read a book.

Hour 4

Retell a story (20)

For stories about technology.

Here are the stories about wind power, the computer mouse, the iPad, and Google.

Word Ladder (10)

Solve the word puzzles.

esl word ladder

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