Adult Speaking, Week 2

wolf picture that isn't a wolf

ESL Adult Class

Hour 1

Welcome back to the adult class. It’s week 2.

Is that a picture of a wolf? No, it isn’t. Here is the wolf video.

Hint Game Pair Work (25)

This slide show teaches you how to play this game.

Here the hint game word list. Get the pdf vocabulary worksheet.

Compound Words (15)

The purpose of this activity is to help students learn vocabulary or increase memory recall with a time-limited worksheet activity. Get the compound word activity worksheet here.

Hour 2

Cross Cultural Communication (10)

High culture and low culture. Why people using English need details and reasons.

Which One is Better? (20)

This activity helps precise communication, which is adapting to low context culture.


  • What to do: Make a question and ask your partner to choose one and explain why it is better.

How to describe which is better?

  • use an objective criterion (or plural criteria)
  • think about cost, quantity, quality, taste, health, comfort, atmosphere, meaning
  • argue about the answer and who has the better criterion

Question Prompts

  1. cats or dogs
  2. winter or summer
  3. ice cream or sulbing
  4. books or computers
  5. rice or bread
  6. McDonald’s or Lotteria
  7. pizza or sandwich
  8. spicy rice cake or pajeon
  9. coffee or green tea
  10. up or down

What’s the difference? (15)

Look at the pairs of words on this worksheet and explain the differences.

The words look similar but there are significant differences.

Hour 3

Vocabulary (45)

  • Review last week’s words and phrases
  • Finish next unit.

Hour 4

Story Retelling (30)

Read a short story

  • Make a small group.
  • Retell your story (don’t read)
  • Other group members ask you questions.
  • Next partner retells story. You ask questions.
  • Here are the 4 stories.

Word Puzzles as A Learning Tool (15)

This Alphabet worksheet contains examples of short activities that help students learn English words. All of the questions are presented as puzzles.

The English activity worksheet is here.

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