Spring Conversation, Week 13

esl critical thinking analogies
How are students like peanuts?

It’s week 13 of the semester.

Hour 1 Monday – Tuesday

Brainstorm – Peanut Analogy (10)

  • How is a peanut like a student?
  • Brainstorm 5 minutes.
  • Make a list of comparisons.
  • Be creative.

Analogy worksheet (5)

What is an analogy and its connection to arguments? (5)

Simple Analogies (10)

Answer questions in 03.

Analogy Practice (15)

  • Do the 6 questions in 07

Even More Analogy Practice (10)

  • Do the 6 questions in 09

Hour 2

Video analysis (15)

Pizza analogy




Car and dog

Mad Men — famous clip has an analogy (5)

You need to know the background.

Review Fallacies (10)

  • 06-A Name the fallacy

Hour 3

Critical thinking practice test (40)

Take a test and then check the answers.

Here is the question sheet.


Thursday- Friday

Hour 1

Pair work Practical food (20)

Translate or Transliterate?

Look at these Korean words. Should you translate or transliterate? Write the best English word for each.

김치 찌게  두부 찌게  수제비  
된장 찌게  순대  매운탕  
두부  떡볶이  콩나물  
김밥  김치 볶음밥  참치  
곰탕  돼지국밥  오징어  
회  초밥  빈대떡  

Pair work daily life questions (20)

Make questions and answers – then ask follow up questions.

Focus on accuracy.

Get the worksheets here.

Book page 77 (15)

Look at the pictures of sports.

  • name the sport
  • say the place where people play that sport
  • say 2 or 3 pieces of equipment that people need to play
  • say 2 to 3 rules for that sport
  • say who the winner is

Hour 2

Book page 80 (20)

Before, During and After the match.

  • Read the story.
  • Label the dialogues – Before, During and After
  • Circle unknown words.
  • Check the dictionary.
  • Road and listen.
  • Answer the questions at the bottom of the page – B and C.
page 78

Page 78 #2 (exclamation of results) (10)

Here are some examples.

Fill in the blanks in C

  • The movie was so amazing that I want to see it again.
  • How amazing!
  • It is such a nice day that I want to go outside.
  • What a nice day!

Page 79, #3 listening (10)

Read the words. Do you know what they mean?

Listen and then match.

about a hockey game

Page 80 Reading (10)

Read the story about skydiving.

Answer the questions at the bottom of the page.

Page 83 Vocabulary(10)

Match the verbs with the sports.

Hour 3

Pair work make questions (20)

Look at the worksheet (1.2 me conditionally)

Make questions with the words.

Book page 80 (10)

Read the story about football.

Answer the questions at the bottom of the page.

Remember numbers (10)

Look at the picture for 3 minutes. Remember the numbers.

Turn over the paper and say the numbers plus how they are used.

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