Adult Speaking, Week 12

ESL adult speaking
Something to think about.

It’s week 12 of the course.

Translate or Transliterate? (20)

Look at these Korean words. Should you translate or transliterate? Write the best English word for each.

김치 찌게   두부 찌게   수제비  
된장 찌게   순대   매운탕  
두부   떡볶이   콩나물  
김밥   김치 볶음밥   참치  
곰탕   돼지국밥   오징어  
회   초밥   빈대떡  

Old and New (20)

This is a note taking exercise.

Watch the video. It shows many lifestyle and technology changes.

Take notes. Compare and contrast at least 10 things.

Here are some suggested answers.

Speed Game (15)

Play a game.

Here is the word list.

Geography Puzzle (10)

Read the questions and say the answers.

Geography worksheet.

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