Spring Writing, Week 13

We can learn a lot from a simple tool like a screw.

It’s week 13 of the semester.

Hour 1

Free writing (10)

Descriptions and Word Order (5)

Read critically.

  • Read blue box page 127.
  • Then read the watch story on page 132.

Describe the pattern of adjectives.

Patterns (5)

page 134.

Practice seeing (10)

Page 135-136 C and D.

A Practical Skill – Product Descriptions (15)

Writing product descriptions is a great job if you have the talent to make boring things sound interesting. There are heaps of part-time gigs for writers who can describe things for sale on Amazon, Spotify, and other platforms.

One trick is to write a story. Another trick is to use interesting descriptions with good adjectives.

Read this short article.

  • What’s the story?
  • What’s the topic?
  • What’s the structure?
  • What’s the purpose of this article?
  • What’s the difference between a feature and a benefit? can you find one example of each in the article?

Hours 2-3

Writing drill (10)

Go to page 134 in the book.,

Write 10 descriptive sentences. Each sentence should have at least 3 adjectives.

Place the adjectives in the correct order.

More Product Descriptions (10)

Read the product descriptions on page 140.

What patterns of descriptions do you see?

What does a good product description have? (10)

Read the slide show.

Write an article (40)

You are going to write a short article about travel gear.

Page 141 has 2 pieces of gear. Add 2 more pieces of gear.

Think of a theme. Write a story with 4 product descriptions.

More Practice (20)

Watch this short TV commercial. It shows many differences in lifestyle and technology.

Make notes about 8–10 differences.

Describe the differences with clear language.

It’s not unusual.

Extra Work (10)

Page 146. Read and edit. Answers on page 246.

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