Spring Writing, Week 1

Hour 1

Introduce Course (10)

  • syllabus
  • grading P-F
  • How do I pass this course?
  • book
  • routine
  • bring 5 things (textbook, private notebook, pencil, eraser, yellow writing pad, dictionary)

Quick Review (10)

Look at the slide show.

Practice Writing (15)

Write one sentence for each term. Look at the question on the last slide.

Check answers on board.


Get the 5 things.

Hour 2

Prepositional Phrases (10)

  • What is a prepsotional phrase?
  • Review examples.

Fluency Drill (15)

  • Look at pictures.
  • Write one sentence with a prepositonal phrase for each picture.
  • You have 1 minute per picture.
  • Review sentences on board.

What is Good Writing? (10)

Here is a quick review to answer the important question.

Does good grammar make good writing? No way.

Error Correction (15)

Here is a an old story about writing:

There is no such thing as a good writer. Only a good editor.

What does that mean?

Finding your own mistakes is one of the best ways you can get better at writing. You have got to get better at error correction. You can’t rely on the teacher (or another person) to find and fix your errors.

We will do many error correction exercises in this class. Here is one.

Hour 3

How to Summarize an Idea (10)

How to make a summary. Watch the slide show.

Watch the video. Write a summary of the idea.

Video (5)

Remember we are talking about ideas, not the plot.

Writing (30)

Write your first draft.

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