Spring Conversation, Week 3

ESL conversation

ESL Conversation Class

What do you see in the picture?

Hour 1

Office Hours (5)

Here are my office hours.

Feel free to visit and discuss class questions or your book report.

Mon-Tu Which one is better? (15)

Purpose: to explain ideas with two or three good reasons

What to do: Make a question and ask your partner to choose one and explain why it is better.

How to describe which is better?

  • think about cost, quantity, quality, taste, health, comfort, atmosphere, meaning
  1. cats or dogs
  2. winter or summer
  3. ice cream or sulbing
  4. books or computers
  5. rice or bread
  6. McDonald’s or Lotteria
  7. spicy rice cake or pajeon
  8. coffee or green tea

Mon-Tu Puzzle Talk (20)

Part 1

You and a partner get a puzzle. It is a story with pictures. Sadly, the pictures are not in the right order.

You and your partner have to:

  • put the pictures in the right order
  • tell the story (1-2 sentence per picture)
  • use a different verb for each picture

Part 2

  • Find a new partner with a different picture.
  • Tell your story again.


Thu-Fri Which one is Better? (15)

Read the slide show.

Thu-Fri What’s different? (20)

Read the slide show.

Get the worksheets.

Hour 2

Mon-Tues Homework for next class (5)

Read this short story (a Zen Buddhist koan). Each story teaches a message.

  • Summarize the story in one minute.
  • Describe what happens. Tell us the message. Answer questions.
  • Get the stories here.

Textbook – online resources (5)

Go online to get the listening resources for the textbook.

  • www.mmpublications.com
  • sign up for an account

Chapter 2, page 18, 2a (10)

  • read the tips for photos
  • underline words you don’t know
  • then listen with no reading
  • audio file m2_2

Chapter 2, page 18, 2c (10)

  • work with partner
  • answer questions on side of page

Present Perfect Simple (15)

Check out this slide show.

Chapter 2, page 19, 2b (10)

  • work with partner
  • fill in blanks

Chapter 2, page 21, 2b –since and for (10)

  • work with partner
  • fill in blanks

Hour 3

Homework (2)

  • Get a book. Read the book. Write a report. Due week 5, remember.
  • Read page 22-23 in the textbook. Read the story and answer the questions on page 23, C and D.
  • page 24, 2d #1 – vocabulary (learn the words and separate into two groups — negative and positive)

Mon-Tu Retell a story (20)

Tell your story. Tell us the message.

Shopping word puzzles (10)

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