Spring Writing, Week 12

esl writing process and instructions
A toy to teach writing skills.

Assignment 4 is due next week.

Hour 1

Assignment #3 (5)

Return and general feedback

Assignment #4 (5)

Due next week.

Appositive Writing Practice #1 (10)

Write one appositive for each prompt:

  1. a car you would like to drive
  2. your best friend
  3. your favourite TV show
  4. your favourite place
  5. your favourite food

Appositive Practice #2 (10)

Winter is the coldest time of the year and it’s when our skin often gets dry. To cure dry hands, people often buy moisturizers. A moisturizer is a white cream made from oil, fruit and other ingredients. Skin care products come in different prices, from $2 to $200 and more. Creme Royal is a French cream made with gold and royal jelly and costs $650 per bottle.

Click here to open the worksheet and suggested answers.

Good instructions (5)

Read the slide show.

Sample written instructions (5)

Do you see elements of proper instructions?

Scan this pdf.

Here is the pdf

Textbook page 112, explaining a process (10)

Write directions or procedures tough. You have to be clear and accurate. No fancy writing.

Page 12. read the blue box. Find three elements of good instructions.

Hour 2-3

Free writing (10)

Open your mind.

Book, page 118 (10)

Look at the pictures and put the sentences in order.

Page 119 write instructions (15)

  • Look at A.
  • Choose one topic.
  • Report a set of instructions.

Technical Writing exercise (5)

Read the slide show.

Group Work 30 (40)

This activity has 2 parts.

Part A. You have some blocks. Create something.

  • Write instructions that describe how to create the exact same thing.
  • Your instructions should be easy to read.
  • Take a picture of your final design.

Part B

  • When time is over, give your blocks and instructions and blocks to another team.
  • They have to create the exact same thing by following your instructions.
  • Take a picture of your work.
  • Compare Team A and team B results.

Page 126 (10)

Edit the text in the yellow box.

Self check on page 245.

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