Spring Writing, Week 10

esl writing
Describe the cause and effect with hedge words.

It’s week 10 of the semester. Time work on assignment #3.

This week we look at data and we write about data.

Hour 1

Class Plan (5)

  • free writing
  • appositives
  • next week – hand in assignment 3 (a well-crafted story with a visible structure and message/key point/teachable moment)

Free writing (15)

Practice writing. Free flow.

No _______. No _______ . No _______ .

Or you could spend 15 minutes rewriting your story from last week. Remember this will be handed in next week as assignment 3.

Feel free to get feedback – by appointment.

Appositives (20)

Here is a chance to learn another kind of sentence.

Here is the worksheet.


Now we are going to change topics. Last week, you learned about story structure. Why stories are important and how they can be used to communicate information, connect with people to sell stuff.

  • That was part 1.
  • Part 2 is learning how to write with facts, numbers, and charts.
  • Part 3 is to combine these two skills. That will be assignment 4

Page 98 (5)

  • Read critically. It’s a newspaper article.
  • Read the short story about a flood.
  • Notice the verbs and hedge words.
  • Why are hedge words and phrases important when using numbers?

Page 100 (5)

Read the verbs. These words are useful to describe charts an data.

Do you know all of these words?

Hour 2

Writing drill – appositives (15)

Page 101 (10)

Work with a partner.

Look at the chart. Write 4 sentences about the men and 4 sentences about the women.

What do you write about? Differences.

Page 102 (10)

Look at the chart and answer the questions.

Page 103 (20)

Write an argument with numbers as evidence.

Read the instructions and write a persuasive argument.

Next week.

Here is the plan for today.

  • Step 1: understand the purpose of this activity (5)
  • Step 2: define key terms (5)
  • Step 3: key verbs (5)
  • Step 4: hedge words (5)
  • Step 5: bring it all together – population pyramid analysis (40)

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