Spring Conversation, Week 5

ESL speaking

Hour 1


Mon-Tues Pair Work Discussion (15)

  1. An apple costs 40 cents, a persimmon costs 60 cents, and a pomegranate 80 cents. How much does a pear cost?
  2. Tracy’s mother had 4 children. The first child was named April, the second was named May, the third June. What was the 4th child called?
  3. Is “following your passion” good advice or terrible?
  4. How many tennis balls can fit inside this classroom?
  5. If you could invent a new subject that would be taught to all children in school, what would the subject be? Why do you think children need to learn about your subject?

Part 1. Mini Lecture (5)

  • Positions versus interests. 

Part 2. Reading Exercise – Apply your knowledge (10)

You are going to read a short story that involves a problem and a solution. The problem is in the story, but the solution is not.

Here is what I want you to do while working with a partner

  • Read the story.
  • Summarize the key points of the story in negotiation terms.
  • Answer the questions at the end of the story. 

Part 3. Negotiation Activity (30)

The Texas Oil Role Play Game. 

Debrief Questions


Thurs-Fri Fluency Drill (15)

Look at the last 2 lines. Make a past tense Q&A with your partner.

Here is the verb list.

What’s Different (25)

Part A

Work with a partner. Find the things that are different. Say what’s different with a full sentence.

Here is the worksheet.

Part B

Make questions and answers.

Write and practice speaking questions with

  • Is there …
  • Are there …
  • How many … are there?

What happens next? (10)

What the video clip. Say what happens next?

Here is the link for the PPT.

Hour 2


Check Homework (10)

  • Textbook page 32 and 33.
  • Read story page 32.
  • Answer questions C and D.
  • Page 33, answer #2 (vocabulary make verbs from nouns).

Textbook, page 36 A, B, D (10)

Answer questions and check with partner.

Textbook, page 37, 6 pictures (10)

Make a question for your partner. You partner answers yes to all with long sentences

Textbook, page 38 (10)

Read the comic.

Listen to the story.

Hour 3

Was she lying? (5)

Look at the picture. She told the police her husband was drunk and fell down the stairs. Was she telling the truth?

Use facts, logic, and arguments to answer the question.

Here is the picture.

Listening Activity (5)

Listen to the audio. How many words per sentence?

Answers on the slide show.

Slide Show (5)

Read the slide show first. Then do the questions in the textbook.

Textbook, page 39 #2 C

Past progressive vs simple past tense.

Textbook, page 41, #3 B

Past progressive vs simple past tense (car parts)

Place Names (10)

Let’s review the names of places – made by nature and by people. Do you know the names of these 21 places?

Crossword Puzzles (15)

Thurs-Fri Vocabulary (10)

Read the questions and say 2 answers

Here is the vocabulary worksheet.

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