Spring Conversation, Week 2

What are they thinking about?

ESL Speaking Class Overview

Hour 1

By the end of this week, you should:

  1. be signed up for the online listening lessons
  2. have a reading book and start reading

MON-TU Pair Work Vocabulary (15)

This conversation and vocabulary worksheet has words which might look similar but have different meanings.

  • Work with a partner and explain the differences between the words.
  • Make examples for each sentence.
  • Click here for the worksheet

THUR-FRI Pair Work Vocabulary (15)

This activity helps you practice a basic conversation. Practice YES-NO questions.

Read the slide show.

Book report (10)

This slide show explains the book report. Please note the due data and late penalties.

  • write on paper (no email)
  • give to me in class (not after class)
  • hand in early is OK
  • late gets a 25% penalty for each 24 hours

State Verbs (15)

Look at this slide show.

Hour 2

Textbook – online resources (5)

Go online to get the listening resources for the textbook.

  • www.mmpublications.com
  • sign up for an account

Book, 1b, page 10 (10)

Book, page 11, #2 (10)

  • fill in blanks for 10 short sentences
  • describe the difference between words in groups
  • give 3 examples for each word of the 10 words

Book, page 11, #4 (5)

Book, page 12, 1c (10)

Pair work reading

  • Work with a partner. Each person reads one short story (sneakers or sunglasses).
  • Retell the story with as much detail as possible. Partner asks 3-5 questions.
  • Switch roles.
  • Answer C and D at bottom of page.
  • listen to both stories with this audio file

Book, page 13, #2a (10)

Book page 13, 5 Speaking (5)

Ask partner questions and have a short conversation about clothes.


  • Say the word for each material.
  • Match the object and material.
  • Explain where the material comes from.
  • Say 2 more things made from each material.

Hour 3

Partner Q&A (15)

Make questions and have a conversation with your partner. For example:

  • Have you ever been to another country?
  • Yes, I have.
  • Where did you go?
  • I went to Japan and Thailand.
  • Who did you go with?
  • I went with my friend.

Have you ever …

  1. break up with a partner
  2. climb a mountain
  3. eat strange food
  4. sleep in a tent
  5. have stitches
  6. bite by an animal

Make a story (20)

Look at your picture. You and your partner. Put the pictures in the right order.

  • Write 1 or 2 sentences for each picture.
  • The hard part is using good verbs to describe the action.
  • Find a new partner and tell the story.
  • Then listen to your partner’s story. Ask 3 questions.

Back Up (10)

Monday Back Up (15)

Here is an exercise that requires imagination and creativity. This is a lesson that was used by a business professor class in California.

  • You and your partner have 5000 won.
  • Think of ways you can make as much money as possible in two hours.

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