Spring Writing, Week 2

ESL writing learn paragraph order

Hour 1

Review (10)

What did we do last week? Check your memory with this quiz.

Free Writing (10)

Write freely in your notebook. This is personal writing.


  • no stopping
  • no erasers
  • no dictionaries

How to get the main idea (10)

Check out this slide show for a writing tip.

Pair Work (15)

Write your one sentence summaries.

Make a small group.

Read and listen to the summaries. Guess the name of the movie, book, or TV show.

Hour 2 textbook

Lesson Objective

Understand the basic structure of a paragraph so you can write great paragraphs.

By the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • define paragraph
  • name and describe the 3 basic parts of a paragraph
  • rewrite your summary paragraph (Room 8) so that it has an interesting idea in the first sentence and support information

Understand General and Specific (10)

All writing has order. Check out this slide show.

Practice #1 (5)

Read some examples of GENERAL TO SPECIFIC order.

  • page 2, Practice A
  • read the lists and find the topic word
  • the topic word is the general word
  • it is the group name word

Practice #2 (5)

Read some examples of GENERAL TO SPECIFIC order.

  • page 3, Practice B
  • read the lists (2-6)
  • write the topic word (topic means group name)

Practice #3 (5)

  • page 7-8, exercise C
  • speed read sentences in Q 2-6
  • each question find sentence not related to the topic
  • explain why not related to the topic

Basic Punctuation

Skip this part.

If you are not sure, come to my office and we can review.

Paragraph Order (5)

  • read page 11
  • notice 3 parts of a paragraph

First Sentences (10)

The first sentence is really important. It tells the reader the general idea (topic).

  • Go to pages 12-13. There are 5 blue paragraphs.
  • Read only the first sentence. Don’t read the paragraph yet.
  • Circle the words or words which tell you the general idea (topic).
  • Let’s check the answers together.

Hour 3 (personal development)

Rewrite (15)

You have learned a lot about paragraphs. You also learned a sentence pattern that helps you make a good first sentence for a sumamry.

  • Rewrite your Room 8 summary paragraph.
  • Make a good first sentence.
  • Fix the mistakes.

Paragraph Organisation (15)

  • textbook page 21-22
  • finish exercises A-E

Topics and Support Sentences (10)

  • textbook page 23-24
  • finish exercises A-D

Seeing the Mistakes (10)

  • textbook 26-27
  • read the paragrahs
  • find the sentence that does not belong because it is about a different topic

Fixing the Mistakes (10)

  • textbook page 31
  • read the paragraph
  • find the errors
  • fix the mistakes
  • rewrite the paragraph

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