TTP Critical Thinking, Week 3

ESL critical; thinking

Hour 1

Pair work (10)

  • What did you learn last week?
  • Summarize the main argument of the McDonalds article you read last week.
  • You watched a short TV commercial about Subway. What was the argument in that advertisement?
  • We learned 6 fallacies. name each. Can you give an example of each?

Critical thinking part 2 (40)

Introduction to six more fallacies.

Complete the new critical thinking worksheet.

Hour 2

Apply your knowledge (20)

  • Watch the video.
  • What’s the argument?
  • What’s the fallacy?


Don’t Sell Your Hair


George Bush makes war



Hour 3

Read Critically (25)

Here is the second article. This article is by Malcolm Gladwell. The name of the article is Most Likely to Succeed.

Read the article.

Discussion Questions (25)

  • What is value-added analysis in the story?
  • How does the author compare the effect of class size and teacher quality?
  • What is a back of the envelope calculation?
  • Why do good teachers have a holding space for students?
  • What’s the difference between good and bad feedback?
  • Describe the features that made the math teacher a good instructor?
  • Do you agree that test scores, graduate degrees and certifications are poor indicators of a teacher’s success?
  • What is withitness?
  • What is a percentile?

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