Spring Writing, Week 11

Coffee is your friend.

It’s week 11. Time to hand in an assignment.

Hour 1

Assignment #3 (5%)

Due this week (Tuesday or Friday)

  • 1-2 pages
  • good presentation: double spaced, margins, paragraphs
  • clear demonstration of a story structure

Time to Write (40)

You have some free time to write or rewrite assignment #3. It is due at the beginning of the class tomorrow.

Hour 2

Population Pyramid – Assignment #4

Writing Task: write a 2-4 page report which analyses the changes in the population pyramid.

  1. Describe the projected change between 1980 and 2015.
  2. Explain some of the causes of this change.
  3. Explain some of the consequences of this change.
  4. Write a report with a story.
  • Use hedge words and the correct verbs to describe change.

Tasks 2 and 3 require some critical thinking, Use your imagination. Think creatively.

Task Notes

Assignment #3

hand in

Free writing (10)

Yes …. Yes … Yes ….

Describe Change (10)

Review model answers at the end of the slide show.

Introduce Hedge Terms (10)

KEY POINT: This slide show teaches students the meaning and purpose of hedge terms. It also provides 4 examples of words and phrases that can be used to write sentences with a hedge.

Practice (10)

Students to apply knowledge by completing worksheet questions to review hedging. Suggested answers are at the bottom of the worksheet. 

Hour 3

Textbook page 107 (5)

Learn how to punctuate a quote.

  • Read the blue box.
  • Find the quote.
  • Notice how it is punctuated.

Book page 107 green box (5)

  • See the rules.
  • See the verbs.

Book page 107 part A (10)

Practice punctuating.

Textbook page 104 (30)

This is a chance to practice your ability to analyse data and write a short report.
Look at the chart.

Answer the questions and then read the problem at the bottom of the page. Write your answer on page 105 or a separate piece of paper.

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