Adult Writing, Mod 1, Week 5

esl writing

It’s week 5 of this module.

Hour 1

Review (10)

What writing skills have we covered so far?

  • summary writing – Room 8
  • first sentence – short story from a picture prompt
  • parallel structure – worksheet
  • show me, don’t tell me – rafting story
  • wordy sentences – worksheet
  • expletives – worksheet
  • better verbs – dot and ball video

New Writing Skill (20)

Error correction.

New new Writing Skill (40)

Data Analysis

This writing assignment asks you to do two things:

The total writing should be about 3 to 6 paragraphs. Your writing should be more than just a bunch of sentences. Like the stories we wrote before the mid term exam:

  • there should be a beginning, middle and an end
  • there should be a good intro sentence
  • it should be a story
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