Adult Writing, Mod 1, Week 3

How would you describe this stature?

It’s week 3 of the writing module. Time to learn 2 more writing skills.

Review (5)

A quick review of what we have done so far?

Writing Skill #2: Parallel Structure (20)

Here is the practice worksheet.

Writing Skill #3: Show me, don’t tell me (20)

It’s a basic principle of all good writing.

Don’t tell me the cake looked beautiful. Show me how the cake looked.

For example, read the short passage about Jalgalchi in Busan.

Exercise (30)

Read the short passage. It is dull. It does not describe the people, places, or things very well.

Rewrite the passage, Add details, descriptions, and voice.

Use the show me, don’t tell me principle.

I was excited about going. It would be the best day of the summer. We were going to go rafting. My mother, father, brother, and sister got to go. They were excited, too. My dad knew a lot about rafting. This would be neat. When we got to the river, it looked big. The water was moving fast. I was scared. It turned out to be fun. We ate sandwiches and drank pop. I wore a life jacket and got wet.

It was the best thing I did all summer.

Some student examples (5)

Read these.

Nothing to do?

Don’t forget to rewrite the second or third draft of your work.

Try an editing exercise.

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