Sound and Sort 1

Topic Progress:

This 10-minute sorting puzzle requires students to discover how 30 words can be divided into three groups based on sounds. Then they must put the words into the correct groups.

Set Up

Copy or display the vocabulary worksheet. If you have extra time, consider dictating the words and ask students to write them down in their notebooks.


Explain the name of the challenge, Sound and Sort. Sound refers to pronunciation; sort means organize or make smaller groups.

Break students into pairs. Ask students to read the words on the worksheet and divide them into three groups. Each group has a different characteristic. Do not give away too much information at the beginning.

If students struggle, give them a series of progressively clearer hints, such as:

  1. read the words aloud
  2. ask what kinds of words are in the table (verbs)
  3. ask what kind of verbs
  4. explain difference between regular and irregular verbs
  5. listen for final sounds
  6. teach final ED sounds


  • /d/ sound: answer, earn, enjoy, join, listen, love, plan, rain, serve, stay
  • /id/ sound: chat, connect, download, invite, need, rent, start, update, want
  • /t/ sound: ask, check, finish, help, like, look, practice, talk, walk, watch, work
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