Information for Teachers

This course is for ELL teachers who want to help students improve listening fluency, but lack time or resources.
By time, I mean classroom contact time. I think we can agree that building listening skills takes a lot of effort. Often, more time than we have in a semester. That means students need to do some work outside the classroom.
However, that homework should not require teachers or students to make a big time commitment. 
I believe this listening course meets those needs.

Skills Builder 1 Course Overview

This course is based on some of John Field's ideas about how to teach listening. According to John, we sometimes teach listening comprehension without first teaching students the specific skills they need to comprehend.
As a result, a listening comprehension exercise becomes a test rather than a teaching tool. We may know who got the right and wrong answers, but we can never really understand why. Did he really understand the listening text? Did she guess well?
Teachers can't diagnose the root problems, and therefore can't teach what is lacking. 
One solution is to teach specific listening skills in micro lessons. That's what this course does. A micro lesson is a short activity, usually less than 10 minutes long with a specific language focus. Here is a quick overview of the Skills Builder 1 course:
  • 10 micro lessons
  • each micro lesson has 10 listening questions 
  • 10 different listening skills
  • focus on high frequency words
  • family-friendly content
Here are the listening skills in these exercises:
  1. listen for nouns
  2. listen for the past tense
  3. listen for pronouns
  4. listen for word sounds
  5. listen for adjectives
  6. listen for homophones
  7. listen for gaps
  8. short dictation
  9. listen for blended sounds
  10. listen for ideas and paraphrase
There is also a pre-test and post-test.

Moodle Features

As a registered teacher, this Moodle course offers several time-saving features:
  • students can be grouped by classroom for easy classroom management
  • quiz scores are automatically recorded and totaled
  • easy to track individual student progress


There are many possible ways to use this course. Here is one suggestion. It takes about 15 minutes to get students signed up and enrolled:
  • introduce course, aims and tasks (improve listening fluency, weekly homework, easy to use, etc).
  • explain how to sign up as a user and enroll in Skills Builder 1 Course
  • complete sign up and enrollment in class or assign as homework 
  • next class, check enrollment via the teacher's Moodle course page
  • assign homework: one listening activity per week
Each of the 10 listening activities (plus the pre-test and post-test) is scored. A passing score is 6 out of 10. Teachers can use the scores as indicators success or add them to the overall class score (e.g. a component of participation).


Send me a note and let's talk about getting you set up.