Information for Students

Here's a new way to improve listening skills. It's called skills through micro lessons.
Why is this way different and good for students? 
  • It helps students improve listening fluency. That means you can hear and understand faster.
  • The course uses micro lessons. That means the lessons are short. They also get to the point. That saves you time.
  • Each lesson helps you improve one listening skill at a time. That's the smart way to improve listening fluency.

Who is this course for?

The listening lessons are made for high beginner to high intermediate level students. If you are an advanced student, you might find these lessons a little easy. If you are a beginner, they might be a little hard.

How to Listen?

This listening course is made for mobile learning. With a smartphone and earbuds, you can take the lessons anywhere. On the bus to school or on the subway to work. The course will also work on your computer.

Skills Builder 1 Course

This course has 10 micro lessons. Each lesson has 10 listening questions. listening activities. There is also a pre-test and post-test. Here are the listening skills in these exercises:
  1. listen for nouns
  2. listen for the past tense
  3. listen for pronouns
  4. listen for word sounds
  5. listen for adjectives
  6. listen for homophones
  7. listen for gaps
  8. short dictation
  9. listen for blended sounds
  10. listen for ideas and paraphrase
To pass an activity, you need to score 6/10. Each time you pass, you get a badge. 


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