TTP Listening, Week 6

Hour 1

Story Retelling (20)

You’re going to listen to a short story two times. Then you are going to retell the story to your partner.

  • Listen to the story.
  • Make notes on a grid (who, what, where, when, why, how).
  • Retell the story as accurately as possible.

Story Number 1 – Coffee

Story Number 2 – Cube

Formative Assessment — Dictogloss (15)

Read the slide show.

Do the activity (10)

Use the Goldilocks story.

Home for Good (30)

Complete page one of the worksheet. It has fun stuff.

Here is the video. It’s short.

Hour 2

Listening Skills (20)

Let’s improve listening comprehension with a multi-skills approach.

Here is the worksheet.

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