TTP Critical Thinking, Week 6

ESL critical thinking

Review (15)

Here are some hint words that describe content from last week. What was the main critical thinking point for each item?

  • Michigan fish test
  • movement of the solar system
  • define analyze
  • Bloom’s taxonomy
  • position vs interest
  • a story about 2 girls and an orange
  • a koan
  • happiness and money

Our Plan (10)

This is week 6. We have to finish 2 things before you leave:

  • a critical thinking test
  • a 10 minute presentation

Schedule – this week

Each student gets:

  • one moral dilemma question
  • 1-2 hours to prepare a 5-10 minute presentation
  • a 25-minute critical thinking test (3rd period)

Schedule – next week

  • 2 hours of presentations – moral dilemma questions and answers
  • 1 hour review critical thinking test

Two weeks later (last week of the module)

  • elementary class 2 hours
  • high school class 1 hour

Moral Dilemma Description (10)

Read the slides.

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