TTP Critical Thinking, Week 1

ESL critical thinking

Hour 1

Intro (10)

  • look at syllabus
  • end of module presentation
  • talking, thinking, critical reading

Argument Overview (10)

Let’s spend a few minutes learning one sentence pattern.

Worksheet 1: What is an argument? (30)

  • handout worksheet: Critical Thinking 1
  • define argument (10)
  • Practice 1, 2, 3, 4 (20)
  • family picture

Hour 2

Practice Analysis (15)

Here are a couple of advertisements.

  • Watch critically.
  • Summarize the argument in each advertisement using the sentence pattern we learned.

Most Shocking Second a Day 

Nissan LEAF™: Polar Bear

Adopt a Dog

ESL critical thinking analyse advertisement


What’s a hypothesis? (15)

Define hypothesis.

Do a practice exercise.

Get worksheet here.

Hour 3

Read critically (20)

Read an article. It’s shortened.

Read critically. That means you want to understand the writer’s argument and proof.

The first article is Art of Failure by Malcolm Gladwell.

Discussion (15)

  1. What is the article about? (subject material)
  2. What are two key terms in the article.
  3. Name type hypotheses from the article.
  4. What is the main argument? (sentence pattern)
  5. Do your agree with the idea? Why or why not?
  6. Does this idea have any connection to your professional environment?

Wrap Up (5)

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