Adult Writing, Mod 1, Week 4

A quick writing exercise from out of nowhere.

It’s week 4 of the writing class.

Review (5)

This is week 4 of the writing module. So far we have learned and practised 3 writing skills.

What are they?

This week (5)

This week, there are two writing skills: one easy and one challenging. Both are related to a degree.

The skills are:

  • editing wordy sentences
  • using better verbs

Editing Wordy Sentences (10)

Read this slide show.

Worksheets: Proofreading Exercises (20)

These worksheets contain exercises which can help students improve their writing and vocabulary by eliminating redundant words and expletives.

Using Better Verbs (20)

 A quick presentation to suggest that learning more verbs is good for you.

Tiny Story (30)

This is a pair work writing exercise. It is challenging because you have to describe the action of a ball and line as they try to illustrate a concept. This exercise asks you to expand and improve your understanding of verbs.

Suggested Writing Process

  • watch the video 2 times
  • make notes
  • brainstorm verbs for each action
  • write a list of draft of sentences
  • edit and polish
  • finish with error-free sentences that describe action and interaction with precise verbs

Tiny Story from Sebas and Clim on Vimeo.

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