Adult Writing, Mod 1, Week 1

Welcome back.

Why is writing so hard? It always reminds us of the gap between perfection and reality, and reality ain’t pretty.

Introduction (5)

What are the broad goals of this module?

  • To become better writers.
  • To become better writing teachers (for some).

What are the enabling objectives to help you achieve those aims?

  • Define what is writing.
  • Name and define 6+1 writing traits.
  • Define 3-5 elements of good writing style.
  • Engage in process writing by using workshops to identify opportunities for feedback and improvement.

What is Good Writing? (10)

Here is a quick review to answer the important question.

Does good grammar make good writing? No way.

Summary Writing (10)

Write a summary of the story.

Then describe what you think the message is.

Writing (30)

Summary writing.

Editing (15)

Read the text.

Find the mistakes. Create the sentences.

Rewrite the whole passage with zero errors.

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