Adult Speaking, Week 8

esl reading
What is this sentence?

Discussion Questions (15)

Each sentence below suggests a cause and effect relationship. But, the details are not provided. If you agree there is causation, describe the links in detail. 

This is similar to what we did for the wealth and long life exercise.

Causation Examples:

  1. How do smartphones affect elementary school kids?
  2. How does travelling affect people?
  3. How do hagwons affect elementary school children?
  4. How do smartphones affect family relations?
  5. How does the mass media cause bias in its audiences?
  6. How does the economy affect the birth rate?
  7. How does Joseon Hell affect millennials?
  8. How will AI affect society?
  9. How does BTS affect people’s sanity?

What did we do last week? (5)

  • discussion with criteria
  • learn interest vs position in negotiation
  • gas station negotiation role play
  • hard reading stories

More Negotiation (30)

  • explain role play exercise (5)
  • read and understand role play cards (15)
  • play game with a partner (10)
  • debrief (10)

Role Play Exercise – Buy and Sell a Car 

Here are the role play cards for this game.

Hour 2

Video Vocabulary (15)

This video lesson helps builds vocabulary bay understanding how pairs of words are connected. They are called collocations.

Hour 3


Hour 4

Read story (25)

Read and retell story.

The history of food – four stories.

Hard Puzzles (10)

hard puzzle worksheet.

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