Adult Speaking, Week 11

Balance between order and chaos.

It’s week 11 of the course.

Hour 1

Pair Work (15)

Student A

  1. What is something your mother or father made you do as a kid?
  2. What is something your boss lets you do at work?
  3. What is something you get a colleague to do?
  4. Tell me something you have your friends do.

Student B

  1. Do you like to play board games?
  2. Do you like to do yoga?
  3. Have you ever gone to a swimming pool?
  4. Can you tell me 4 sports people play on a court?

Play, do or go? (15)

Learn to use these verbs correctly with different sports or activities.

Click here to go to the lesson.

Vocabulary Game (10)

Look at the clues. Say the correct answer.

Here is the worksheet.

Hour 2

Population Pyramid (40)

This activity uses many of the skills we have learned and practiced so far.

Your job is to work with a team and then make a short speaking report. You will analyse the changes in a population pyramid.

  1. Describe the projected change between 1980 and 2015.
  2. Explain some of the causes of this change.
  3. Explain some of the consequences of this change.
  4. Write a report with a story.

Tasks 2 and 3 require some critical thinking, Use your imagination. Think creatively.

Dictogloss (20)

Do a dictogloss exercise.

Hour 3


Hour 4

Retell a story (25)

For stories about technology.

Here are the stories about wind power, the computer mouse, the iPad, and Google.

Word Ladder (10)

Solve the word puzzles.

esl word ladder
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